Mind the Gaps proposal has been shortlisted by the ODI! Here are the complementary questions and our answers.

You have stated your ambitions in the submission, could you give us some examples?

We have several levels of ambitions.

At the core, we definitely want to create a meaningful visualisation tool. We are not the most legitimate people to solve the gaps on the field but we are legitimate at investigating the data and to design a visualisation rooted in the reality. We ought to leverage this strength by empowering people working hard on the field, and by capturing their knowledge and experience with an initial set of user research, with the support of Bristol City Hall.

At a political level, our ambition is to design a tool which could hardly be repurposed to weaken opponents of the very same topics the visualisation is meant to engage a conversation about.

We mentioned the Bristol Data Dome as a public space to display the visualisation tool in addition to a permanent online presence. Our ambition is to make it easy for other public spaces, community centres and activist groups to screen the visualisation on a standard display or on a wall to engage a conversation with decision makers.

Finally, our ambition is to create the visualisation tool as a reusable toolkit. If Bristol will be our main field of study, Bordeaux will play the role of a reality check to transpose our research to another context, within another culture, and a different data policy. We would be more than happy and proud if other towns join the bandwagon later in 2018 to follow the example of Bristol and Bordeaux. The learning would expand beyond the scope of this tender.

Do you need to revise the delivery strategy given the shorter timeline?

We do not think it will affect the timeline β€” it will only delay the date of the kickoff meeting and the start of the first iteration. The first iteration will very likely be orientated towards defining the purpose, goals, the data narratives and meet with the various people in charge in Bristol.