This is going to be a key event for the project.

The workshops will help ideating, exploring and refining the project vision. It will help us know each other, our hopes, expectations and fears. It will help understand how we work and can interact later on. Workshops are going to be very hands-on, collaborative and will involve quite a few games to put everybody at ease as well as making a good use of our time. Alaine and I offer to facilitate them.

Ideal participants would be: Kevin O’Malley, Bristol City Hall open data project manager, potential data narratives champions, people from organisations/charities related to potential data narratives, dtc innovation people, ODI people.

Location would be in Bristol. It could be hosted in one or multiple venues. Could we use one of Bristol City Hall premises? The ODI Bristol Node maybe? I have recently met with people from Open Data Services and one of their coworker has an access to a coworking space. I could arrange something with them too.

The ideal duration would be 3 to 4 days. Attendees can attend as many days as they want. They can also leave the workshops at any time if they feel it is not where they want to be. It will save us a lot of meetings time down the line plus it gives a strong sense of involvement.

Feel free to share your availabilities and to forward the Doodle (and/or this email) to all the people you’d like to involve in the project, whatever their job title is.