Here are the questions we asked to ourselves after the end of the day 1 of our work week:

  1. What did you enjoy today?
  2. What did you dislike today?
  3. what did you learn today?
  4. what would you like to do tomorrow?
  5. do you think something is blocking you at the moment?


  • I liked the City Hall building
  • I liked the people we met – we had more insights about what to expect, about the Quality of Life Survey (+2)
  • I liked the general feeling of working together (+2)
  • I enjoyed getting an understanding of the people working on those issues in local government and beyond
  • I enjoyed the face to face sessions/interviews
  • I enjoyed the closeness of the relationships of people we met today, people who aren’t necessarily from the same departments.
  • I enjoyed the availability and dedication of the people we met.
  • I enjoyed the space for us to work.
  • I enjoyed collaborative coding and publication


  • I had the feeling the meeting with the Mayor’s office people was planned too early in the week, and too high level at this stage
  • I am not sure we are going to have enough time to properly address a problem which is so big
  • I would have felt more confident if I had done more researched and prepared in depth questions
  • I would have liked more ‘doing’
  • Too much milk in the tea :/
  • I felt the day was jam-packed and we lacked time to do things as a team, like summarising interview notes


  • I learned about Bristol, general knowledge about the city, the neighbourhoods
  • I learned about the data collection that Bristol does as a city
  • I learned about Bristol communities
  • I learned the shape of the field we are working in.
  • I enjoyed learning about positive things found in the data of the most deprived areas.
  • I learned more about the variety of topics and wards we could have an impact on.
  • I learned about policy making. I learned there is room for improvement in ways they do that


  • To meet with the Pervasive Media Studio folks
  • To see the city
  • To start defining a more specific purpose/object of the project; what is realistic to do in the days to come
  • To keep working with the team
  • To create a draft of documentation structure
  • To create something
  • To speak to people on the other side: communities, activists…(+3)
  • To go to the Open Data Meetup and see the audience there.
  • To do more documentation together.

Blockers / Slowdowners / Whatevers

  • I feel slowed down by not knowing enough the content of the various surveys
  • I don’t feel at ease with slight different visions for the product
  • The scope of the field is huge 😓