The intent of this workshop was to ideate around the goals, the meaning and the representation of what Mind the Gaps is for us.

It works by one of us starting the sentence by “Mind the Gaps is…” and by saying a word. The person next to them would say another word, and so until someone says “fullstop”. When it happens, the sentence is considered as finished and we start a new round of collaborative ideation.

We found out it was a way to have some while thinking hard on how to make sense of what we get from the other participants. We also found it was a quirky way to make fun of it by forming ridiculous sentences.

  • a new commissioned object about bridging gaps amongst inequalities, communities and local authority.
  • not about filling(feeling) gaps in the council(s) budget cuts.
  • maybe an opportunity to collaborate locally and emotionally to express discrepancies.
  • an attempt to fill in representational narratives missing from the mainstream consciousness.
  • a comprehensive vision full of testimonies.
  • a neutral approach to describe open datasets to a wide population.
  • will produce guidelines, bearings and warnings to use rich, wealthy people.

We changed the rules, allowing each other to now say a word or more (if it’s an and, a, etc.):

  • tough, because.
  • a neutral approach to produce rich datasets containing qualitative community data.
  • an interface between how citizens experience inequality and how the council perceives the people feeling these inequalities.

We changed the rules again, allowing each other to say a part of a sentence and to jump into even though it’s not our turn:

  • should be accessible, collaborative and open source.
  • will include handcrafted content, available open datasets and a simple, visual way to understand way
  • a beautiful user interface that explains people struggles to be understood and addressed within existing open data frameworks.
  • provides informations about actions taken by the council and community initiatives that explain the existing portrait of the situation