Here are the questions we asked to ourselves after the end of the day 2 of our work week:

  1. What did you enjoy/are the most proud of today?
  2. What would you like to do differently tomorrow?
  3. Any action/things you’d like to do tomorrow?
  4. Is there something slowing you down?


  • Sharing the datavisualization links – diversity of forms, got a feeling of what could be done, inspiration (+3)
  • Guerilla interviews were nice (+2)
  • End of day recap session was helpful for the team and for me (+3)
  • Tea was better \o/
  • Seeing the city a little bit more, going to the community centre and meet more with people (+1)
  • Getting a feeling of the data community (+1)
  • The mapping! Getting the feeling that I was able to materialise our thoughts on paper. (+2)
  • Enjoyed the team dynamic in our last session before the event.
  • Enjoyed going out in the field to sense and learn more about community centres. It changed my view and makes me feel more informed.
  • I enjoy that we take time to do things.
  • I enjoyed getting news from a friend I hadn’t heard of in months. Made me feel warm inside all day long. :)))
  • Fish’n chips. (+1)

Testimony of red noses

Improve / Dislike

  • Morning session felt a bit slow — could have been more productive: when we do a doc session, rehash our individual notes
  • Transportation time: get bikes or bus or else
  • I disliked not concluding a session to get something out of it _ even though we were not responsible for it
  • I disliked not being able to hear Alaine on the way back: ask to repeat or delay the conversation
  • Confused to witness the interactions and diversity of challenges within the open data community.
  • I felt I lacked availability this morning and feel we could set out with clear session rules to improve outputs.
  • I disliked being grumpy during the morning because of an exterior event and the impact it might have had on the group.


  • Post Mind the Gaps website link on Open Data Bristol Meetup Group
  • More interviews in the community
  • Interview community leaders
  • Interview people working in tech and open data in Bristol (privately or publicly, not necessarily involved with the City Council)
  • To identify and outline the processes involved in the output — eg: researching in the datasets to pinpoint interesting narratives/journeys and what are the steps to get a reasonable output
  • To solidify what we talked about between 5pm and 6pm (+1)
  • To refine our project hypotheses (+1)
  • To paper prototype our impressions of the 5-6pm session.
  • To have a look at datasets (+1)
  • To identify other public citizen advocacy with a good use of open data
  • To visit the Dome
  • To see Victoria (+2)
  • To read the surveys
  • To look at the documentation we received today from Phil
  • To transform Alaine’s map into a graph

Slowing me down

  • We lack of chocolate :/
  • Worried about time (+1)
  • Worried we won’t have the time to produce a prototype in time (for Friday)
  • Bad news from this morning