We wanted to ideate through our ideas to consolidate and align ourselves on the vision we had of the project so far.

The rules of this workshop were:

  1. each attendant divides an A4 page in 8 frames;
  2. each attendant has 2 minutes to illustrate an idea of thing (concept, feature, UI element);
  3. when the 2 minutes are over, we move the next of the 8 frames;
  4. and so until we are done.

At the end of the round, people get to pass their sheet to other participants. We then explain each of the frames, accept comments.

If the participants feel like it, a second round can be done. It has the benefit of being nurtured with fresh inspirations.

First round of sketching

Second round of sketching

We have 1.5 days left before the end of the work week. Before Friday afternoon presentation, we need to write down what came out of this workshop.