Here are the questions we asked to ourselves after the end of the day 3 of our work week:

  1. What did you enjoy/are the most proud of today?
  2. What did you dislike and how would you improve it ?
  3. Any action/things you’d like to do tomorrow?
  4. Is there something slowing you down?
A lo-fi review of our documentation reading session
A lo-fi review of our documentation reading session


  • I enjoyed the whole day! (+1)
  • We are getting somewhere :-)
  • I really enjoyed this morning session time organisation (separate + group review + initiating the TimePlanner.csv)(+1)
  • I really enjoyed the bubbliness of the afternoon session(+1)
  • I enjoyed the flow
  • We worked well together
  • I enjoyed the ideation drawing
  • I enjoyed the non-project time in between the Watershed and the dinner time (walk, chat, shower)(+3)
  • I enjoyed how the group made me feel more comfortable
  • I enjoyed the emotional intelligence / honest talk during the retro.
  • I like that we have done such a good job dealing with uncertainty step by step.
  • I enjoyed coming home early. We managed time well and were adaptable. We followed our guts and it served us super well.
  • I enjoyed Alaine’s suggestion of inviting the ODI to Friday’s restitution.
  • I enjoyed the pre-dinner work session, I was able to publish things and I was able to make great use of that time.
  • Enjoyed the photo session!

Dislike / Improve

  • I did not enjoy lunchtime because of the language barrier – it’s not fixable in a way, and the group helped getting a shared understanding
  • I was worried to go to Knowles West Centre after lunch – we did fix it by staying at the Watershed and with this workshop
  • I can get lost in complexity, I get anxious about, and I don’t know how to talk about it
  • I am not sure there is a direct bridge to solve the problem… I feel it is a good idea, I do not know it is the good idea – I’d like to improve how to communicate that
  • I lack 30 minutes per day to do some writing down individually – I’d like to make some time for that tomorrow
  • I felt a bit vulnerable when I had to explain the drawings, I felt I was overexplaining – I will trust the exercise more next time because you backed me up, and ask
  • I did not drink enough tea…
  • I disliked making too much rice! 🍚 — next time, I’ll listen to Al(a)in(e)
  • I burned my finger baking bread but I’m happy I did it, it gives me confidence to start baking bread again.


  • Data dome! (+1)
  • To write down the conclusions of this afternoon session
  • To start structure Friday demo time (+2)
  • Diaries! (+1)
  • Community interviews
  • Visiting the Knowles West Media Centre
  • Solid research, ask the community…?
  • A visit to Voscur to get a better sense of how we could help communities with the problems they face and tackle.

Slowing me down

  • I can get lost in complexity, I get anxious about and I don’t know how to talk about it
  • The wish to partake in group workshops sometimes makes it difficult for me to make time for individual tasks
  • Time is not enough
  • I fear of making it a shit project
  • Choosing the datasets to use…