Here are the questions we asked to ourselves after the end of the day 4 of our work week:

  1. What did you enjoy/are the most proud of today?
  2. What did you dislike and how would you improve it ?
  3. Any action/things you’d like to do tomorrow?
  4. Is there something slowing you down?
Planning the day
Planning the day


  • I really loved the Knowle West Media Centre interview with the Youth Programme Manager (+1)
  • I loved the session in the Filwood Community Center Café when we framed tomorrow presentation
  • I loved getting time to publish my first diary!
  • I liked the timetable session (the filter coffee was great!) (+2)
  • I liked conducting community interviews (+1)
  • The sunlight in the Filwood Community Center Café (+2)
  • I enjoyed the visit of the Dome
  • I enjoyed the hot chocolate
  • I enjoyed visiting the Filwood neighbourhood and Community Centre
  • I liked the ethos of the Knowle West Media Centre Factory
  • I liked learning more about the damp busters.

Dislike / Improve

  • I disliked the long pause while waiting for the bus
  • I disliked the general feeling of being useless
  • I disliked the move between the KWMC to the Factory… (not very pleasant)
  • The pace of the day was too patchy and I got tired of moving around.
Framing tomorrow presentation
Framing tomorrow presentation


  • Speak to John the open data activist we met at themeetup (+1)
  • Polish the narrative of our research (+1)
  • Present our work (+3)
  • Jean Golding institute meeting
  • Get feedback and gauge local government/ODI opinion on our research (+3)
  • Meet with Voscur
  • Go home and kiss my partner (+3)

Slowing me down

  • Energy level (+2)