We offered to facilitate a combination of a talk and an activity at Data for Development Festival, on March 21-23rd in Bristol.

It would fit in the Community-led Monitoring session topic.


Mind the Gaps is a project developed with a grant from the Open Data Institute, focused on collaborative data innovation projects between French and UK cities. How do we build resilient cities? How can we help cities be as responsive and effective as possible? Which citizen datasets can we produce to highlight inequalities and focus public strategies to bridge gaps?

Follow the research trail used to develop a ‘citizen sensing’ framework to measure quality of life and wellbeing. What does quality of life mean to you?


Short talk presenting our research angles (20 min max) and open up on topic-focused activities (ideation sprints etc) with small groups of people (20-25 min, TBD).

It’s unlikely we will have polished visual material at that point (but we can definitely come up with some for the agenda or the festival website if they require one and our participation is confirmed).


  • 1 facilitator with a software design background (Thomas)
  • 1 researcher with a content design background (Noémie)