Here are the questions we asked to ourselves after the end of the day:

  1. What did you enjoy the most today?
  2. What would you like to change tomorrow?
  3. Is there something slowing you down?


  • asking ourselves the hard questions about what is the right prototype
  • working at Look Mum No Hands
  • all the discovery about data around Wellbeing and quality of life (+1)
  • the sketching session (+1)
  • cowriting in the morning (Mind the Gaps is…)(+1)
  • the conversations with the people in Bordeaux (+1)
  • our working process is working
  • getting that sense of validation from the outside world that we are moving in the right direction
  • Phil’s response gave me great ease while creating the survey questions
  • the Typeform trial with branched flows

To change

  • the afternoon alignment was effortful and next time, I’d like to get my hands dirty sooner (trying Typeform etc.)(+1)

Slowing me down

  • lack of time!!!
  • the complexity of the issue