Here are the questions we asked to ourselves after the end of the day:

  1. What did you enjoy the most today?
  2. What would you like to change tomorrow?
  3. Is there something slowing you down?


  • we did quite a few things (+1)
  • I’m very excited the website is being completely renovated
  • I appreciate Thomas skills in building the website quickly (+1)
  • we chose to divide and conquer to get stuff done
  • I enjoyed wrangling with words
  • it’s the final countdooooown (it’s thrilling)
  • I’m going to be proud to show our work to the ODI (+1)
  • enjoyed to have ready made sketches to build the website
  • enjoyed the quality of the conversation with the Bordeaux councilor as it translates into a proper public service
  • Happy that we have a paper version of the survey on par with what we have online (+1)
  • Happy to discover some initiatives that Paul-Marie (from LSE) gave us. They really align with our goals - open design etc. (+1)
  • I enjoyed doing a half-day

To change

  • go to a more quiet space

Slowing me down

  • not enough time
  • being slower than I thought on some things